Een gezellig stadje op 8 kilometer afstand van de villa. Er is werkelijk alles te koop en er zijn talloze gezellige terrasjes, gelegen rond een plein. Restaurant 'Klimataria' is hier een 'must'. Hier kun je naar de bank, het postkantoor en de dokter, alhoewel ik hoop dat je laatstgenoemde niet zult bezoeken. Wel een bezoekje waard is het Venetiaanse fort met de 16e eeuwse Bourzitoren; dit is de grootste verdedigingsfort in de Middelandse Zee.

Informatie Wikipedia:

Methoni (Greek: Μεθώνη) is a village and a former municipality in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Pylos-Nestoras, of which it is a municipal unit.[2] Its name may be derived from Mothona, a mythical rock. It is located 11 km south of Pylos and 11 km west of Foinikounta. The municipal unit of Methoni includes the nearby villages of Grizokampos, Finikouda, Foiniki, Lachanada, Varakes, Kainourgio Chorio, Kamaria, Evangelismos and the Oinnoussai Islands. The latter constitutes from Sapientza, Schiza and Santa Marina and forms a natural protection to Methoni harbour. Tapia, Kokkinia, Kritika are areas around the village and some of the most beautiful beaches in the southern Peloponnese. The town is also known by the Italian name Modon or Modona, as it was called by the Venetians. Tourism dominates its industry because it has a glorious beach to the south and restaurants, bars, taverns and hotels support the tourism. Agriculture and services are its second industry.

Nowadays the walls of the fortress, even though in ruins, continue to be impressive. The castle of Methoni occupies the whole area of the cape and the southwestern coast to the small islet that has also been fortified with an octagonal tower and is protected by the sea on its three sides. Its north part, the one that looks to land, is covered by a heavily fortified acropolis. A deep moat separates the castle from the land and communication was achieved by a wooden bridge. The Venetians built on the ancient battlements and added on and repaired it during both periods that they occupied the castle.

Methoni is the southernmost terminus of the GR-9 (Patras - Kyparissia - Methoni) and is connected with the road linking east to Koroni, it is marked at around the 128th km of the second section.